The Wedding Planning Guide (15th edition)



We are happy to announce that for a limited time we are offering free copies of our latest Wedding Planning Handbook. To get your copy, all you have to do is send us a Self Addressed Envelope as per instructions below:

Get two A5 sized envelopes. Please do not use envelopes larger than below.

On one of the envelopes write your address and affix €1.02 worth of local stamps. We have labelled this envelope 'A'.

On the other envelope write our address - The Wedding Handbook, 14, Is-Setah, Triq il-Parrocca, Kirkop - and affix a €0.26 local stamp. We have labelled this envelope 'B'.

Fold envelope A (the one with your address) and place it in envelope B.

Put envelope B in the mail.

Hurry as stock is limited!

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