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 Torre Paulina Madliena Malta, Wedding Reception Venue Malta and Gozo



Timeless Memories



Famous for building sophisticated military architecture, Grand Master Martin De Redin personally financed numerous fortress towers around baroque Malta.  


One such fortress tower is Torre Paulina at the apex of a fine undisturbed valley at Madliena, with superb views of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.




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The aristocratic roots of Torre Paulina are reflected in its classical open surroundings prepared exclusively for your enjoyment.


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At Torre Paulina you will find food designed to delight your senses.  You will find decor as elegant as the cuisine and a gracious staff intent on serving you.




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Extensive terraces open to the sea and sky with abundant landscaped gardens and live musicians who do to your ears what the chef does for your palate. 


Historical Torre Paulina is the place to experience the good old days.  Our decor is an unabashed exercise in the nostaligia of aristocratic baroque Malta.


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Set in the heights of Madliena, everything is presented as we've become accustomed to - quietly elegant, supremely attentive, somehow almost magical.


Join us for you wedding or any other social occasion.


We can't stop the world, but you'd be amazed how we can slow it down!














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Richard Mallia



(+356) 2137 3284




Torre Paulina


Madliena Road




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(+356) 9949 4771














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