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20 Duties for your Bestman

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Let’s be fair … the role of the bestman is the toughest, most exhausting and demanding role of all wedding party attendant responsibilities. Whilst it is an honour serving as best man at your friend’s wedding, you must be prepared for this role, since it is not an easy task.


When selecting your bestman, apart from choosing one of your best friends, it is important to choose one with good organisation skills and a person that can be depended on. He may either be a close friend, brother or any other close relative.

His role is to assist the groom in all the wedding-related duties, starting months before the wedding and ending some days afterwards. He helps the groom in planning the logistics of the wedding and in other, perhaps more personal, duties where the groom might need his help. Nowadays many hire a wedding organiser to take care of the majority of the bestman tasks.  This will allow the actual bestman to enjoy the wedding.

The list of duties below are often assigned to the bestman.  They are only suggestions and you may wish to add or remove any of the duties to suit your wedding.

Before the Wedding

  • Assist the groom in planning the wedding and organise the Bachelor Party.
  • Help the groom in confirming the honeymoon and any travel arrangements.
  • Help to confirm the details of all vendors while reminding the groom of any unpaid wedding bills.
  • Help in hiring and purchasing the groom’s and ushers’ outfits.
  • On the wedding day, help the groom get dressed while keeping him calm.
  • Safely guard the wedding rings.
  • Ensure that the groom arrives at the ceremony about twenty minutes early.

During the Ceremony

  • Make sure groom looks his best and that the bow tie and boutonnière are properly in place.
  • Hold the rings until called to present them to the couple.
  • Give the couple’s donation to the church / Pay the celebrant’s fee.

At the Reception

  • Coordinate with the maid of honour.
  • Help the photographer organise the group photos.
  • Liaise with the head waiter regarding the bars, seating, timing, etc.
  • Make sure waiters circulate all areas of the venue with food and drinks.
  • Help the groom prepare for the going-away.
  • Liaise with the respective vendors regarding any unused drinks and food.
  • Settle any pending bills pertaining to wedding vendors.
  • Help transport the wedding gifts safely making sure nothing is left behind.

After the Wedding

  • Return the rented suits and any other hired outfits.
  • Settle any pending bills.

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