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Budgeting for your Wedding (Part 2)

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  • By far, the majority of the expenses of getting married in Malta will be eaten up by the catering, bar and venue – so make sure you allocate at least 50% to those. The dresses, suits, transport, flowers, cake and the photographer will be the remaining main elements which you need to list and track.  For a list of wedding service providers in Malta visit our Wedding Suppliers list.


  • Here’s a real nifty trick to keep up your sleeve; factor in a reserve fund of around 7% into your budget. That way if you go slightly too wild on the spending, you can gently reel yourself in, with composure and without jeopardising the entire event.


  • Thinking about a 700 person wedding on a Euros 15,000 budget? Nope – you’re not thinking. Day dreaming is what we call that! The guest count is the single item which will have the biggest impact on your wedding budget. So you have ample reason to strike off out that nasty second cousin, twice removed from your guest list. You never got on with her anyways, right?


  • Your wedding is all about you two as a couple– it’s a salient moment in your lives, the memories of which will be treasured for years to come. This is all the more reason to be sensible and ditch all notions of the silly pre-wedding stage photo shoots which will no doubt be cheesier than a triple cheese sandwich, in ten years’ time!


  • Amid all the latter day options for wedding styles, surely you can get creative and find something to suit your personality, taste and budget, nonetheless. And this could be just what gives your wedding that special touch of authenticity and memorability.


  • Flight of fancy: If all else fails and the numbers simply don’t add up, you can always elope and spend the money on an epic fairy-tale like honeymoon!


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