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Flowers for your Wedding Reception

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The entrance to your wedding reception should be decorated to provide the deserved impact which a wedding occasion merits.  It is reasonable to expect that the decorations here will take the form of a grand display with complementing arrangements on every table.

Large features in the room such as the fireplace, beams, alcoves, windows and even chandeliers, can be dressed up for the day.

One of the best ways to make the most of your flower arrangements is to display the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets as centrepieces at the head table or cake table.

Another idea is use as ornaments on the guest-book table or the area where the gifts are located.  Don’t be surprised by the fact that some guests would be interested in a closer look at the bouquets, so why waste them?



At the reception venue, consider your theme carefully and bear in mind all the places you need to decorate.  Take a good look around to make sure that you view all the areas your guests have access to. These include staircases, lattice walls, toilet facilities, cloakroom, bars, patio areas and other outside spaces or quiet rooms.

Make sure you determine the effect of the existing lighting and how it can be used to illuminate your displays. Supplement this lighting, if need be, with the familiar, tiny, white bulbs draped through greenery, along the length of the stairs and their banisters or above the windows and alcoves.




Next step is to calculate the quantity of flowers you will need and locate a suitable supplier.  Large quantities can command good prices if you shop around so take the initiative and ask.  Think about the advantages of renting plants for large areas.  If you want to use freshly cut flowers, such as the classic rose or lily, tulip, or lilac, the effect can be pure grace, simply by placing them in a vase.  This completely avoids the need to master flower arranging.

To limit the quantity of fresh flowers in centrepieces, pad them out using ribbons, candles and greenery.   You can even try to buy decorating accessories when they are being sold at discount prices.  There are many sales, especially at Christmas time, that could provide a good supply of well priced items, typically the white lights, candles, balloons and other great ideas for your theme.



Tulle is another accessory that is used as a substitute for fresh flowers.  It consists of either fine lace or ribbon netting.  It can be made from silk. Generally it is seen as bows, pockets, bags, drapes and any number of different styles of bundles to accompany the centrepieces.

Always check at the reception venue if any complimentary flower arrangements will be included.  Should this be the case be sure to coordinate carefully with your chosen theme.

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