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Getting Engaged

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couple getting engaged

For most people, getting engaged with the prospect of getting married is a time of great excitement.  Yet this life event still remains a commitment, and with commitment comes a change which is not always easy to adapt to.

Getting engaged also involves taking a private decision as a couple, whilst on the other hand it involves declaring publicly that such a decision has been taken.  It also means that the newly engaged couple is no longer just good friends, yet they are not yet a married couple.

Once the engagement is announced, the couple is twirled from the life they were living into a wider circle with demands and interests which might sometimes seem like an unwanted intrusion.

Everyone is different and thus, the way people choose to get engaged will vary. The romantics will proclaim the news from the top of a roof to make sure that everyone gets to share a piece of their happiness … others prefer to remain reserved and keep the news to themselves as much as possible. The latter couple usually prefers to get accustomed to their new life first, before communicating it to others.

No matter how long the couple might have known each other, the announcement of an engagement always brings some element of shock; hopefully a pleasant one. Remember that it is not only you who needs to come to terms with the fact of being engaged, but also your family and friends. Expect different, and unpredictable reactions to your decision.

Do not try to interpret your family members’ reaction to the news; their attempt to get to terms with the situation does not mean disappointment or disapproval.

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