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getting started

You’re getting married…  Congratulations!  Naturally, at the back of your mind is the image of an unforgettable wedding, in the most positive sense of the word, of course. Maybe you would even go as far as to dream that your wedding will be unique.


And why not? After all, for most of us, preparing for our wedding day is still a first time experience, an incredibly measured one, that we find ourselves comparing with our parents’ and siblings’ weddings. But it’s not theirs, it’s yours and it has to be done right.

As soon as we decide to get married we know that there’s probably a mammoth task ahead of us and it is this planning, that can, in some cases, take years to complete. So quite understandably it is a major part of one of the most important experiences of our lives.

The lead-up to the wedding day is packed with preparations that must be seen to in immense detail and it all comes in the midst of the day-to-day commitments of the couple, together with those of their friends and relations. Typically, the couple relies heavily on others for ideas and practical ‘know-how’.

Nowadays, you can hire a wedding planner to help you make the right choices.  This is a person who offers expert advice about current trends and protocol plus long-standing traditions.  This person can procure the best deals, sparing you the time-consuming hassle of shopping around and evaluating what’s on offer at the time.

However, for those preferring to do the planning themselves, has compiled several planning tips to help you avoid drowning in the hidden depths of it all.  In a nutshell, try to plan well in advance and make provision for every detail, no matter how small.

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