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Below are some important points showing the correct way to write numbers on your wedding invitations.

Addresses, house numbers and street numbers should always be written out in full, with the exception of Saint ( St. ) which may be used either way.

Date and time must be spelled out in full.

For example, you should write:

  • ‘the fifteenth of May’, rather than ‘May 15th’,
  • ‘at six o’clock’ rather than ‘6:00pm’ and
  • ‘at two in the afternoon’ rather than ‘ 2:00pm’.

The year should also be spelled out, for example:

  • ‘two thousand and eighteen’ rather than ‘2018’

However if the invitation is informal, the date can be as follows:

  • ‘June 15th, 2018’

Therefore, a sample invitation would look something like this:


daughter of Mr. & Mrs. K. Borg


son of Mr. & Mrs. N. Scicluna
request the pleasure of the company of

at their forthcoming marriage.
Nuptial Mass will be celebrated at
Rotunda Dome, Mosta
on Saturday, the fifteenth of May
Two Thousand and Four at noon.
Wedding lunch will be held afterwards at…

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