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Keeping your Maiden Surname

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When visiting the Marriage Registry of Malta for the publication of banns, the bride-to-be must have decided whether or not she will keep her maiden surname. Below are the available options.  


In this example let us assume that Mary Abela is getting married to John Borg.  These are her options with regards to her surname:

Option 1: Mary Abela to become Mary Borg

Option 2: Mary Abela to become Mary Borg Abela or Mary Abela Borg

Option 3: Mary Abela to remain Mary Abela (keep her maiden surname)


What about the couple’s children?

Children always take their father’s surname but can also take the mother’s together with the father’s.

Thus the children’s surname of the couple in this example would be;

Option 1: Paul Borg

Option 2: Paul Borg Abela or Paul Abela Borg

For some brides this decision might be understandably quite difficult. You have been carrying your surname for at least eighteen years and all your friends know you like that! Will you feel uncomfortable changing it? Will you feel that your identity has been changed?

The choice is yours!

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