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Flowers for your Wedding Ceremony

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When choosing the decorations for your wedding ceremony, always keep in mind the fact that these decorations will only be enjoyed for a very short time, most often for less than an hour. In other words, as the reception last much longer, it is well worth spending more on the decorations at the recpetion venue than at the ceremony venue.
Flowers are not the only popular item used for decorating a venue. Greenery and material can adorn the candelabras and free standing items with permission if necessary. With or without a charge these items may provide fewer things to consider hiring.
There are possibilities that the occasion of your wedding falls on the same day as another. You definitely need to make enquiries around this, and should this be the case, an arrangement may be possible between the two parties which might involve the sharing of flowers along with their expenses.


Alternatively should your wedding be during a religious event, the decorations that are already present at the church may form the basis of your colour schemes and also considerably reduce the overall quantity needed.
Remember that the church altar is the focus of attention for most of the ceremony. For this reason, it will be wise to centre the decorations around the altar rather than anywhere else. This way, you will achieve optimal visual effect.
The other prominent area seen during the ceremony is the aisle and therefore the pews. While it can be expensive to decorate every pew it is useful to consider decorating perhaps every second or third pew instead. Ribbon is extremely popular along the pews and you can drape material and greenery yourself very easily, again reducing costs.

Another item which however might not always be necessary, is the aisle runner. In many cases it has been considered impractical and cumbersome for the bride.  Thus, it is advisable to consider this carefully.

These days the quality of silk and dried flowers is excellent and they make a tasteful alternative to real, fresh flowers. In some cases they prove invaluable for those guests who suffer from allergies.
Remember to talk to the appropriate parties before decorating the church to avoid any misunderstandings or improper etiquette.