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More about your Wedding Flowers

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So much advice can be shared on the subject of flowers for the big day. Below are real pieces of advice that have proven to be very useful and practical.

There is always the chance that one of the flower bearers or people close to the flowers is allergic. The best thing to do is to first check with those directly concerned to avoid potential mishaps.

One of the popular trends, is to match the colour scheme of the flowers with the pertinent details on the dress. Both the headpiece and the bouquet would naturally coordinate with embroidered items or accessories featured on the dress.

It is extremely symbolic to choose flowers because of the meaning associated with them.  As a further challenge try to remember that while colour and meaning are important, so is the fragrance that fills a room. The scent of gardenias, peonies, stephanotis and tuberoses are particularly popular, but remember that if you have a particular wish for an unusually scented flower, you should give the florist ample time to order it.

In many cases flowers have drooped during the day because the effects of the heat and sunlight have been overlooked. Fresh flowers should be cut at the last possible time.  Secondly, these arrangements should be kept in some water, or possibly in the refrigerator, until the time that they will be carried.  At this time, it is wise to have towels at hand to blot out any possible water dripping.
Do not try to conceal the stems of flowers in the bouquet as this actually produces a rather artificial look. Make sure the stems can be clearly seen and arrange them so that they diminish towards the ends.  The presence of greenery in the bouquet acts as a useful backdrop to focus attention of the flowers themselves and also provides support in the bouquet.

One convenient touch is to make two bouquets for the bride. One can be used up to the point when the bride tosses her bouquet after the reception and the second serves as another memento of the day.

The florist will want to know as much information about your ideas for the flowers as possible. Everything from photos, pictures or sketches, to colour guides that narrow down the exact tone of a colour, are essential in order to help the florist understand what you have in your mind and create what you want.

Lastly, it is better not to wait until the day to find out how to pin the flowers that are to be worn in the bride’s hair or on the dress. Make sure that you are confident and be careful to avoid stains from the petals or particularly the pollen.