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The Ring Bearer

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The ring bearer is usually a young relative, a nephew, a cousin or even the couple’s own child if they are parents.

During the ceremony he carries a satin pillow with the rings on it. In order to have a smooth ceremony, recommends the chosen ring bearer to be old enough to walk down the aisle feeling comfortable in front of an audience. You do not want to end up with the ring bearer crying for his parents, especially if he is carrying the real wedding rings.

ring pillow

In fact, it is strongly suggested that the ring bearer carries a pair of fake rings. We all know how children react when they are tired or want attention. Just imagine the catastrophe if one of the rings is lost on the way to the ceremony!

The real wedding rings should be trusted to the Bestman. You may also opt to give the bride’s ring to the Maid of Honour and the other to the Bestman.

The ring bearer would still participate as if he is carrying the real ones.