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Find the Best Wedding Dress Style for your Figure

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Brides come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your figure is, brings you the styles of wedding dresses that work best for your body shape.


Body Shape: Round / Apple

Full bust, full hips and no waist definition.


Best Wedding Dress Style: Empire

Raised waistline that sits just below the bust.

Body Shape: Triangle / Pear

Broader hips than shoulders.

Best Wedding Dress Style: A-Line / Princess

Resembles an uppercase ‘A’.  The skirt is fitted around the bodice and flows out to the ground. The long lines slim down and lengthen the figure whilst accentuating the bust and waist line.

Body Shape: Hourglass

Full bust and full hips with waist definition.


Best Wedding Dress Style: Mermaid

Hugs the body and shows every curve. Shaped like a mermaid, it fits closely to the body from the chest to the knee and flares out to the hem. This style highlights the curves of a woman’s body.

Body Shape: Rectangle

Straight up and down proportions. Very little waist definition.


Best Wedding Dress Style: Column / Sheath

A very straight body hugging design that has a narrow shape flowing straight down from the neckline to the hem. Helps petite figures to appear taller.

Body Shape: Inverted Triange

Broad shoulders and small hips.


Best Wedding Dress Style: Ball Gown

A fitted bodice with a long flared skirt reaching the floor. This style helps to accentuate the waist.

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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of this information, cannot be held responsible for an ommisions or incorrectness in the information provided. When in doubt please consult a professional in the field.

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10 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Wedding gown shopping is fun! As soon as you fix the wedding date you can start looking around.  You will soon realise that you probably have to try on more than one different style.  Follow these short tips when choosing your dress. 

  1. A sleek bodice will enhance a full or ornamental skirt. Do not be tempted to try and “balance” the amount of fullness of the skirt unless you are actually after an hourglass silhouette.
  2. A bride in a strapless gown must cover her shoulders for the church ceremony. Use a shawl, bolero, a jacket, a coat, a collar, detachable sleeves or long full veils.
  3. A wide neckline or an off the shoulder design will enhance beautiful shoulders.
  4. The simpler the bodice, the less attention it will draw to fuller busts.
  5. If you have a very curvy figure, select a gown with detailing in the bodice or in the skirt; never in dress
  6. A plunging neckline will show off your bust line; however, it ought not to be the only noticeable feature in your gown.
  7. If your legs are your best feature; choose a sheath with a slit, or an angled hemline.
  8. A long, swanlike neck is shown to best advantage when the bride wears a choker, or when the gown is designed with a high-neck cut-out neckline.
  9. Want to be daring without showing too much? Wear a dress with a plunging back, or a backless gown.
  10. Choose a shade to flatter the natural colour of your skin and do not wear make-up to fittings. Remember that the time of day will have a bearing on the ultimate result; so try on dresses during the same time-band as your wedding.

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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.1 of 4)

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Buying your wedding dress is quite different from shopping for other clothes. Leading bridal boutiques stock precious gowns that must be handled with extra care. Thus a more formal approach whilst shopping is required. 


It is highly recommended that you arrange an appointment with one of their advisers. This way you will be certain to receive all the personal attention and service you require.

Finding the Right Bridal Boutique

Start by going through local bridal publications and take note of any advertisements for boutiques that cater for the style of dress you want. Ask around; see where your married friends and work-mates shopped for their wedding dress.  Word-of-mouth recommendations are helpful when looking for boutiques which have provided excellent service to their customers.

You should stagger your sorties, as it is all too easy to become confused as to which gowns were where!


Do not, on any account, procrastinate this important selection. In Malta it is very common for brides to shop for their dream wedding dress a year before the big day. Anything less may possibly lead up to a disappointment.

Once the dress is bought it is usually kept at the boutique and all you have to do is go for alterations and accessory shopping. This will avoid all the hassle of having to lug the dress around every time you have an appointment at the boutique.

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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.2 of 4)

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wedding dress shopping

Shopping by Appointment

Although some boutiques don’t require appointments, it is nevertheless recommended that you do visit by appointment, especially in the evenings or Saturdays, which are peak times. This will guarantee that you will receive full attention and service, and avoid having to wait unnecessarily to try on dresses.

Unlike regular fashion stores, established bridal boutiques only stock one dress of each style.  Malta is such a small island that several brides would prefer exclusive gowns, without the risk of having their best friends getting married in a similar gown. Having one dress of each style means that the dresses must be well taken care of.

Bridal boutique consultants assist their clients in trying on dresses. From their expertise and experience, consultants also give valuable advice as to how the dress would look like once alterations are ready and which accessories would most likely look best with the particular design.  Many dresses have what is called the hanger effect. A dress looks much nicer on you than on a hanger, and this makes catalogues pale into insignificance.

Busy Work Schedule?  Go Prepared!

If you have a busy work schedule and it’s impossible to take the afternoon off, you should go through bridal magazines and select the styles you prefer. Once at the bridal shop, you will be able to narrow down the options immediately and progress to trying the dresses of your choice.

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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.3 of 4)

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wedding dress shopping

Inside the Bridal Boutique

Normally, selecting and trying on wedding dresses would take around one to two hours. It would be helpful if you know what style of dress, whether formal or informal, modern or traditional, you require. But if you have just started and have no particular dress in mind, bridal boutique consultants are there to help.

You would probably already have a price range in mind. Ask the boutique assistants what is available in that bracket. This way, the consultant will not waste time showing you dresses which are beyond your limitations.  It could well be that you might find the dress of your dreams, which is outside your budget, but decide to economise on other wedding expenses in order to obtain it. After all everyone will be looking at the bride on the big day and you want to look fantastic!

bridal gown shop

Once a couple of styles are chosen from a catalogue, you are usually led to a private fitting room to try them on.  This is usually a large room surrounded by mirrors and with enough space to fit the mother of the bride and maybe a close friend or sister. Don’t ask too many people to accompany you to the bridal shop. Your mother or a close aunt should be enough.

People tend to have different opinions and you certainly don’t want to hear conflicting point of views. Different opinions may tend to generate doubt and you may end up being unsure about every dress you put on!  You certainly don’t want to leave the bridal shop frustrated and further away from actually choosing your wedding gown.

It is imperative that brides who intend to try on gowns do not wear any make up or perfume in order to keep them as clean as possible. Most boutiques have impeccably clean carpets for their wedding dresses.

The shop assistant helps you select gowns that fit your measurements and suit your shape.  You should try on different styles as you will not be sure whether a style suits you or not unless you see it on yourself.  Bridal boutique advisors are usually experts in choosing the right dress that will flatter your figure.  They will also suggest what type of undergarments should be worn under each particular dress.

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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.4 of 4)

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Alterations & Fittings

Established boutiques usually include any necessary minor alterations in the price of the wedding gown.  An experienced seamstress will usually do these. Other alterations, such as extra beading or neckline adjustment, are usually charged for.

Usually two fittings are scheduled. One is held two months before the wedding whilst the second is held a few weeks or days before the big day. Consult the boutique assistant as to when these appointments should be fixed.

Settling the Bill

Paying for the wedding dress is easy. Established bridal boutiques offer quite a number of options to make it easier for their customer.  Usually once the dress is bought, all the accessories would be chosen from the same establishment.

Some bridal shops offer favourable deals for their customers who decide to pay for the ensemble immediately.  Yet it is ultimately up to the customer to decide the method of payment.

Other customers prefer buying the bridal dress way before and pay by installments. One must keep in mind that a couple has other wedding expenses. Paying a fixed amount every month means it is fully paid up by the wedding date.

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Cleaning your Wedding Dress

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Your wedding reception is over and most probably your wedding dress is unrecognisably dirty. It is imperative that you clean it immediately after the wedding, possibly within two days, even if there are no visible marks or stains. The sooner you clean the wedding dress the better, as you will avoid permanent stains.

Certain wedding dresses can be cleaned at home. Otherwise you can avoid all the hassle and take your dress to a professional cleaner. If you decide to do it yourself, the following tips will help you clean the most common stains, but before you begin make sure you read and understand the label on the inside of the dress.

Sweat stains

Beverage and sweat stains may be removed easily by blotting with water or detergent.  It is imperative to apply the water / detergent on a test patch which would be a part of the dress which will not show, just to make sure that this will not leave any tide marks.


Rub damp salt on wine stains, then scrape it off when dry. Repeat as necessary.


Greasy stains such as lipstick, oil or salad dressing can be taken off with spray-on spot removers or hair spray.


Dry flowers should be removed before cleaning the dress.  Point out pearls and other beading to the dry-cleaner so that heavy detergents will not be used, as these will be permanently damaged. A professional dry-cleaner should be able to remove large stains on delicate fabrics. Once at the dry-cleaner, make sure that the dress will be kept apart from other dresses and cleaned separately from other garments.

Silk dresses should only be dealt with professionally.

Storing your Wedding Dress

Once clean, you will need to decide on your preference for storing the wedding dress, be it in a box or maybe a special storage bag.

If you’re storing the dress in a box, it must be well sealed to prevent moisture from seeping through. The box has to be stored in a place where it is not exposed to light or large temperature fluctuations. Avoid washrooms or basements.
Do not put your dress in a plastic bag, or leave it on a hanger. The bag may trap humidity inside. Leaving your dress on a hanger may pull it out of shape because of the weight of the dress. The ideal way to store your wedding dress is to place it in a special storage bag, which prevents dust from entering it, and then placing it in a well-sealed box.

Reliable bridal boutiques should supply you with one of these bags on the purchase of your dress. These bags are made from special material to let the air get through while keeping the dust at bay, and are usually washable. It is worth investing in one of these bags.

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