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Wedding Floral Trends

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Fashion will always influence the choices we make for an occasion of such magnitude, but as fashion is so varied, today’s bride is faced with choices that are endless.  As times and traditions change brides can look further beyond the simple bouquet of plain white flowers with ferns. These days, anything goes!

To narrow these choices, has put together some of the more popular trends to guide and perhaps inspire you. Take a look…

White is the symbol of joy and traditionally for this reason associated with weddings. It is no wonder that high on the list of favourites is the ”champagne wedding”, which includes a theme of all-white, fragrant bouquets for the attendants and bride.


If a simple, stylish theme is what you are seeking then the perfect complement to an uncluttered gown is the single lily.

On the other hand, if the theme ”bold is beautiful” suits your style, then the full colour spectrum offers countless themes.  These include the large yellow sunflower, the bright-coloured tulip or the mixed blend of the posy bouquet.


Other contrasts to the classic “champagne” wedding theme are the rich, saturated colours of rose, burgundy and deep violet. Their rise in popularity can be seen in many brides’ and attendants’ bouquets.

The influence of the Victorian era can also be seen at many weddings. The Victorian wedding is full of romance, etiquette and quaint touches of sentiment. Colours include the soft blush of the rose and sweet sentiment of the orange blossom.


Flowers are the heart of the traditional bridal head wreath or coronet, and thus, the theme for the bouquets starts here and extends to the flower girls. Mothers of the bride can be given a single flower to carry, or another popular form is the simple pretty nosegay.

Another consideration is to coordinate the florist with the caterer so that the floral theme is progressed at the table. The ideas flow as far as decorating the cake knife, the goblets, or serving plates with flowers.
Such detail is stunning and completes the atmosphere of the reception beautifully.