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10 Wedding Invitation Tips

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1. Invitations should be written by hand. Those who have poor handwriting can hire a professional calligrapher or use a computer script font such as ‘Shelley Allegro’ or ‘Commercial Script’.


2. It is suggested not to write the name of a deceased parent on your wedding invitations. Light a candle during the ceremony in his/her memory instead.


3. If you prefer not to have children at your wedding, do not indicate this by writing “No children” or “Adults Only”. It is implied that no children are invited, simply by not including them on the invitation. You may also emphasize your preference by word of mouth.  Keep in mind that this needs to be an ‘all or nothing’ situation.  An exception could be for the ring bearer and flower girl.


4. Invitations for your wedding day should not only be sent to your guests, but also to those who are familiar with the wedding details. i.e., the bridal party, best man and both sets of parents! These invitations will serve as a memento of your wedding day. An exception could be for the ring bearer and flower girl.


5. If you are inviting your work colleagues, send them a personal invitation at home and not at work.  Invitations should be sent 3-4 weeks in advance.


6. When inviting friends, you do not necessarily have to invite a guest as well. On the other hand, it is obligatory to invite guests for the invitees who are married, engaged, are living together or have a long-term relationship. In such cases, you should indicate their name on the invitation rather than using “and guest”.


7. You do not have to invite a co-worker with whom you do not socialise. Remember your wedding day is a special day and only special people should be around you! The same applies to your employer, although it might be more appropriate to invite your immediate supervisor.


8. When an invited guest does not come to your home or does not call, do not assume that he is not coming. His invitation might have been lost in the mail and he might be thinking that he has not been invited. Clear any doubt by phoning and confirming that the invitation was in fact delivered.


9. Be aware that by including a monetary preference card with your wedding invitations you are assuming that your guests will be offering you a gift which may seem inappropriate. While it is typical for a guest to offer you a gift, do not be seen to be expecting it.


10. If you want to make sure guests are able to come to your wedding, send them a ‘Save the Date’ 3-4 months prior to the wedding.  Invites should still be sent closer to the wedding.