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The Engagement Party

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engagement party

Many argue that women get engaged mainly to get the engagement ring. How can you blame them? After all it’s a symbol of unity with another person and is probably the most precious possession, until the wedding ring and of course the bridal gown are bought.


Once the ring is bought and the husband-to-be proposes to his future wife, the next step is the engagement party.

Even here people have different ideas and different priorities. Nowadays many prefer not to hold an engagement party, although they might organise a small gathering with close family members and friends. Not holding a party is usually linked to the financial aspect, as many would prefer spending more on the wedding or to furnish the house. Others go the traditional way and hold an engagement party, which may actually seem a mini-wedding reception.

An engagement is a temporary stage marking the end of one stage in life and the beginning of a new one. It sets the stage for when the two become one.

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