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What to DO for a Perfect Wedding

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what to do for a perfect wedding

Want to make sure your wedding planning runs smoothly?  Follow these top must know tips for your perfect wedding in Malta.

  1. When it comes to agreements with wedding service providers, get everything in writing. This will eliminate any misunderstanding with regards to what was paid for and what you will get in return.
  2. Shop for your wedding shoes late in the afternoon because your feet swell during the day.  It might also be a good idea to buy your shoes half a size bigger. Also make sure you break them in well before the wedding to avoid having sore feet as much as possible.
  3. Whilst you should accept your parents’ ideas, remember this is your wedding!
  4. Remember to give a small gift to each other before the wedding.
  5. Take some time to relax with your partner before the ‘big day’. This would be the last date as an unmarried couple.  You could enjoy a quite day at a spa, a picnic, a candle lit dinner, or anything that relaxes you.
  6. Arrange a hair and makeup trial for your final wedding dress fitting. This will give you a good preview of your entire look.
  7. Prepare a Wedding Day Emergency Kit to carry with you at your wedding. This should include items like lipstick, needle and thread, pain killers, eye drops etc. For a full list of items to include in this kit see this article. (new window)
  8. Make sure you eat on your wedding day.  Just don’t indulge into any heavy meals, but rather try eating lightly throughout the day.
  9. Trust the wedding rings with an adult such as the bestman or maid of honour. The young ring bearer can be given fake rings. Check out a full list of bestman and maid of honour duties. (new window)
  10. At the end of the wedding ceremony give each other a gentle kiss and do not even think about using your tongue!
  11. Appoint someone to ring the church bells as you are exiting the church.
  12. Put disposable cameras on the guest tables and around the reception venue for guest to use. Ask the bestman / maid of honour to collect them at the end of the reception. Rest assured you will get precious pictures to put in your album.
  13. If you prefer the digital option, open an account with a file-sharing website and ask your guests to upload any photos they take to your account. There are also several free mobile apps that specialise in wedding photo sharing. Just make sure you inform your guests with details well in advance.
  14. Make a list of the important group photos you want to be taken and hand it over to your photographer before the wedding. Your wedding day will be full and exciting and this will ensure that you do not forget anyone.
  15. Do offer your photographer and videographer a complimentary meal.  They’ve been out of their home for long hours and will be as hungry as anyone else.  Read this article for tips on how to choose your wedding photographer. (new window)
  16. If you are having a lot of children at your wedding reception, make a kids’ table with colouring books and washable markers. This gives the kids something to do and also gives the parents a breather!
  17. Use your bridesmaids’ bouquets as centrepieces to decorate tables at the reception venue.  Read this for more tips on using flowers to decorating your wedding venue. (new window)
  18. Thank your guests for coming to your wedding and remember to thank your parents for all the support they have given you especially during the last months of preparation.
  19. Instead of having guests sign a guest book, have them sign a table cloth of your choosing with a permanent marker.  On your anniversaries pull it out and use it on your table.
  20. At the entrance of your reception hall have three photos displayed.  One of the groom as a baby/child/teen, on the other side a similar photo of the bride and in the middle, one of you as a couple, for example an engagement photo.
  21. At your reception dedicate a song to the bridal party to thank them for their help and support.  This will surely make your wedding memorable.  Songs may also be dedicated to your parents, special friends, etc.
  22. If you are planning to have candles at the reception, be sure to appoint a person to light them!  Make sure they are in a safe place where children cannot reach and away from curtains and other flammable material.
  23. Have some fun at your wedding. Organise the Wedding Shoe Game.  More details here (new window).
  24. If you are having a seated wedding reception, have some wedding speeches organised.
  25. Freeze the top tier of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary.

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