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Tips on Choosing your Bridal Bouquet

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Whilst a bride would hope to add a personal significance to her bouquet, one should also realise that in the past times, a great deal of symbolism surrounded wedding bouquets.

If we take a look at the customs of ancient times we see that a symbol of fertility was at the heart of the tradition and the bride would carry items such as bundles of wheat and only later various floral garlands. Today we perhaps neglect the fertility sign, but we have held steadfast on to the beauty and romance inspired by the floral bouquet.


Your bouquet should complement your wedding dress. It is not difficult to go over the top with a gorgeous yet overpowering arrangement, but you have to envisage the finished picture before making a final choice. Small bouquets are popular, such as the round cluster bouquet, and are available in any number of different flower combinations. You should avoid a heavy elaborate bouquet that cannot balance the dress or the build of the bride.


Essentially, if the bouquet is too big it will be difficult to manage and will also draw attention away from the bride and her dress. Remember that the proportions of any decorations and accessories worn by the bride and her bridesmaids have to be taken into consideration before a final decision can be taken.

The personal touch of the bride can be exhibited by matching her style with the overall theme and atmosphere of the wedding.  Sometimes we see an unexpected colour as the base flower and well it should, if the personality of the bride can take it.


There is an infinite range of colours and shades to choose from and probably the best advice is to go with what suits you and to stick to a blend of colours rather than a single one.  Contrast is always good especially against the single colouring of a wedding gown. Also if you decide on an extravagant gown perhaps the best bouquet is a simple one and vice versa. Either way the effect can be elegant and graceful and balanced.


On a practical note, bear in mind the amount of time the flowers will be on show. From the moment you are taking photographs to the time that you are at the reception, the flowers will have to endure at least half the time in the open air, which can be very dehydrating. Select flowers that suit the local environment and, if necessary, use a bouquet holder whereby flowers will be held constantly in a small amount of water.

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