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Wedding Day Beauty Countdown (Pt.2)

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wedding day beauty countdown part 2

11 Weeks to go

  • Have a manicure done to treat your cuticles. Your beauty therapist can advise you on nail products that will specifically treat your nail problems and keep them in good condition.
  • Pamper yourself to a relaxation treatment as this is a time renowned for stress. Prevent the unmistakable signs of your face breaking out and painful muscle strain.

9 Weeks to go

  • With all the wedding preparations going on, be sure to have some ‘me’ time. Treat your nails to another manicure and paraffin wax treatment in order to condition them.
  • Continue to exfoliate your skin on a weekly basis to remove any unwanted dry skin or dead cells.

7 Weeks to go

  • Take pleasure in a soothing foot massage or reflexology – relieve the stress!
  • Exfoliate all your skin and apply body creams. Don`t forget to include your hands and feet – they are in the most demand!

6 Weeks to go

  • It is time to get your eyebrows professionally shaped, they will give your face good form.
  • Get a body treatment – an aromatherapy toning wrap or algae wrap are ideal. These will help you relax and tone up.

5 Weeks to go

  • Have your make-up trial.
  • Check your nails and cuticles and go for a manicure appointment.

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Article by Elizir Beauty Salon

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