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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.2 of 4)

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wedding dress shopping

Shopping by Appointment

Although some boutiques don’t require appointments, it is nevertheless recommended that you do visit by appointment, especially in the evenings or Saturdays, which are peak times. This will guarantee that you will receive full attention and service, and avoid having to wait unnecessarily to try on dresses.

Unlike regular fashion stores, established bridal boutiques only stock one dress of each style.  Malta is such a small island that several brides would prefer exclusive gowns, without the risk of having their best friends getting married in a similar gown. Having one dress of each style means that the dresses must be well taken care of.

Bridal boutique consultants assist their clients in trying on dresses. From their expertise and experience, consultants also give valuable advice as to how the dress would look like once alterations are ready and which accessories would most likely look best with the particular design.  Many dresses have what is called the hanger effect. A dress looks much nicer on you than on a hanger, and this makes catalogues pale into insignificance.

Busy Work Schedule?  Go Prepared!

If you have a busy work schedule and it’s impossible to take the afternoon off, you should go through bridal magazines and select the styles you prefer. Once at the bridal shop, you will be able to narrow down the options immediately and progress to trying the dresses of your choice.

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