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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.3 of 4)

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wedding dress shopping

Inside the Bridal Boutique

Normally, selecting and trying on wedding dresses would take around one to two hours. It would be helpful if you know what style of dress, whether formal or informal, modern or traditional, you require. But if you have just started and have no particular dress in mind, bridal boutique consultants are there to help.

You would probably already have a price range in mind. Ask the boutique assistants what is available in that bracket. This way, the consultant will not waste time showing you dresses which are beyond your limitations.  It could well be that you might find the dress of your dreams, which is outside your budget, but decide to economise on other wedding expenses in order to obtain it. After all everyone will be looking at the bride on the big day and you want to look fantastic!

bridal gown shop

Once a couple of styles are chosen from a catalogue, you are usually led to a private fitting room to try them on.  This is usually a large room surrounded by mirrors and with enough space to fit the mother of the bride and maybe a close friend or sister. Don’t ask too many people to accompany you to the bridal shop. Your mother or a close aunt should be enough.

People tend to have different opinions and you certainly don’t want to hear conflicting point of views. Different opinions may tend to generate doubt and you may end up being unsure about every dress you put on!  You certainly don’t want to leave the bridal shop frustrated and further away from actually choosing your wedding gown.

It is imperative that brides who intend to try on gowns do not wear any make up or perfume in order to keep them as clean as possible. Most boutiques have impeccably clean carpets for their wedding dresses.

The shop assistant helps you select gowns that fit your measurements and suit your shape.  You should try on different styles as you will not be sure whether a style suits you or not unless you see it on yourself.  Bridal boutique advisors are usually experts in choosing the right dress that will flatter your figure.  They will also suggest what type of undergarments should be worn under each particular dress.

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