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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.4 of 4)

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Alterations & Fittings

Established boutiques usually include any necessary minor alterations in the price of the wedding gown.  An experienced seamstress will usually do these. Other alterations, such as extra beading or neckline adjustment, are usually charged for.

Usually two fittings are scheduled. One is held two months before the wedding whilst the second is held a few weeks or days before the big day. Consult the boutique assistant as to when these appointments should be fixed.

Settling the Bill

Paying for the wedding dress is easy. Established bridal boutiques offer quite a number of options to make it easier for their customer.  Usually once the dress is bought, all the accessories would be chosen from the same establishment.

Some bridal shops offer favourable deals for their customers who decide to pay for the ensemble immediately.  Yet it is ultimately up to the customer to decide the method of payment.

Other customers prefer buying the bridal dress way before and pay by installments. One must keep in mind that a couple has other wedding expenses. Paying a fixed amount every month means it is fully paid up by the wedding date.

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