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Wedding Dress Shopping (Pt.1 of 4)

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Buying your wedding dress is quite different from shopping for other clothes. Leading bridal boutiques stock precious gowns that must be handled with extra care. Thus a more formal approach whilst shopping is required. 


It is highly recommended that you arrange an appointment with one of their advisers. This way you will be certain to receive all the personal attention and service you require.

Finding the Right Bridal Boutique

Start by going through local bridal publications and take note of any advertisements for boutiques that cater for the style of dress you want. Ask around; see where your married friends and work-mates shopped for their wedding dress.  Word-of-mouth recommendations are helpful when looking for boutiques which have provided excellent service to their customers.

You should stagger your sorties, as it is all too easy to become confused as to which gowns were where!


Do not, on any account, procrastinate this important selection. In Malta it is very common for brides to shop for their dream wedding dress a year before the big day. Anything less may possibly lead up to a disappointment.

Once the dress is bought it is usually kept at the boutique and all you have to do is go for alterations and accessory shopping. This will avoid all the hassle of having to lug the dress around every time you have an appointment at the boutique.

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