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Distant Horizons Ltd Travel Wedding Honeymoon Malta, (Malta)

Distant Horizons: 'Good morning, how can I help you?'
Client: 'Good morning, we would like to discuss our honeymoon with you.'
Distant Horizons: 'Where would you like to go?'
Client: (exclaiming excitedly) '....Everywhere... !!'
Distant Horizons: 'No problem at all, we can send you anywhere!'

Your journey starts here... your dream honeymoon.
There are no boundaries...the world is really and truly your oyster.

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Distant Horizons is a boutique travel agency specialising in tailor-made itinerary planning to exotic and unusual destinations. Creativity, attention to detail, communication, rapport, individuality, seamlessness, country specific travel advice and detailed information... these are the keywords at Distant Horizons which will ultimately realise your unique travel experience.

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Louise Bailey is the manager of Distant Horizons. She has over 23 years experience in the travel business and has visited, together with her husband, over 55 countries. She remains an avid traveller and is very passionate about her work. She loves to discuss ideas and options with her clients aiming to pinpoint the perfect itinerary to suit their tastes, aspirations, time and budget. Her goal is to send them on a journey which will be extraordinary and memorable.

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Adventure, wildlife, sports, scenery, expeditions, trekking, culture, history, cruising, relaxation, beach, desert, city life, nightlife, cuisine, local immersion, road trips, phenomena, festivals, voluntourism. These are just some of the ingredients that can be woven into the holiday to make it a unique, personal and unforgettable experience.

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As Louise always tells her clients: your only limits are time, budget and imagination. There are no other boundaries. As the saying goes... The world is really and truly your oyster.

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In Malta couples have the big advantage of being able to meet their honeymoon planner in person, something which is often very difficult in other countries due to the distances involved. Louise would be very happy to arrange a meeting with you to explore your honeymoon travel aspirations.

The above photos have been taken on our trips to various destinations around the world including Malaysia, Costa Rica, South Africa, New Zealand, China, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Oman.

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Name: Louise Bailey

Tel: (+356) 7999 9941

Mobile: (+356) 7999 9941

Distant Horizons Ltd
Guatemala Mansions
Mario Cortis Street
Attard ATD 1470



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